Abdiel Vivancos is an American stage and screen actor, based in New York City. Abdiel has performed in new plays, new musicals, short films, web series, cabarets, performance art, and most notably as Perchik the revolutionary in Goodspeed Opera House’s 50th Anniversary Production of Fiddler on the Roof and famed philosopher Baruch Spinoza in New Jerusalem at GableStage. Abdiel trained at New World School of the Arts and French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts before graduating from Carnegie Mellon University's Drama program as an Andrew Carnegie scholar. He has been a proud member of Actors' Equity since 2011. Through his work in the performing arts, education system, and nonprofit organizations, Abdiel is dedicated to unifying communities with storytelling, mindfulness, and meditation.



Baruch Spinoza in NEW JERUSALEM at GableStage

"Holy energy and passion virtually shine from Vivancos!
~ Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater On Stage

"Vivancos gives a riveting performance as Baruch de Spinoza!" ~
~ Christine Dolen, Miami Herald

Vivancos brings charm, wit, and fervor to Spinoza as he tries to reason with his accuser and those who threaten excommunication!"
~ Roger Martin, Broadway World

Vivancos' performance is rife with quippy statements to complement a captivating embodiment of one of the original enfants terribles!" “...it rolls off Vivancos' tongue with ease, beauty, sly humor, and the confidence of someone who knows he's right!
~ John Thomason, Miami New Times

Vivancos is a fascinating Spinoza, a questing and gentle spirit who finds God in places his accusers would never consider. His delight in following the exploratory trails of his ideas shows as radiance on his face. Yet when faced with banishment from family and community, from all that he has known, he’s strong and stoic!
~ Christine Dolen, Miami Herald


Perchik in the 50th Anniversary Production of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Goodspeed Opera House

Vivancos’ Perchik, a young revolutionary student, reflects the growing spirit of the young!
~ Walt Haggerty, In The Spotlight

Revolutionary Perchik is created with all the fire of a reactionary by Abdiel Vivancos!
~ Donald Church, Hartford Cruise Examiner


Khalid in MASKED at GableStage

"One of the most brilliant performances of the season!"
~ Richard Cameron, Examiner.com

"A force as he jumpstarts his acting career with a stirring performance!
~ Ron Levitt, Florida Media News

[Vivancos] skillfully pulls off Khalid's inner conflict, portraying his struggle with a youthful, idealistic zeal!
~ Chris Joseph, Miami New Times