Abdiel Vivancos is an American writer and mindfulness educator, based in New York City. Abdiel provides accessible, contemporary, and distinct language to inspire conversation, innovation, and healing with some of the most integral topics of our age, such as Self-Care, Peace, and Consciousness. Through his work in the performing arts, education system, and nonprofit organizations, Abdiel is dedicated to unifying communities with storytelling, mindfulness, and meditation.


As a writer, I arrive to see Truth in the Happening
and each word as a departure from that Happening; 
Here is my arrival and departure ~

Abdiel Vivancos, Writer

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I am Grateful for my Breath
I am Grateful for my Body
I am Grateful for my Self
I am Grateful for my Community
And I am Grateful for the Weather
and Inside ~

Gratitude Cheer
Abdiel Vivancos



Birth + Death = Life
Shine + Shadow = Light
Unity in Duality = Love

Creation leads to Destruction and Destruction leads to Creation,
as Shine and Shadow together make Light,
as Birth and Death are both part of Life.
In living with this Spiral of Change,
we awaken to flourish in all directions ~

And in such a way,
we rise and fall to rise and fall
over and over again,
awakening to new found clarity,
greater confusion, or even
as consciousness within another form ~

Life, Light, & Love
Abdiel Vivancos


Mindful Dance Poetry Collaboration with Lyle Oberman (@LifeofLyle)


"Even at the atomic level there is a kind of consciousness, a response to stimulus, an awareness... to the macro of the cosmos and the engine of reality that is perpetuating the expansion of space constantly. There seems to be, from the smallest to the biggest expressions of Life, this awareness within itself, that it is alive. Now, a tree may not need to have a name, but we don’t either. We do, because we have this beautiful mind that thinks and enjoys to think itself ~"

Abdiel Vivancos, Mindfulness Talk
The Attic at Night, NYC  5.4.2018




A Dance Story with Music
Coming of Age in the Piscean Age

Inspired by the music of Sigur Rós
Devised & Directed by Abdiel Vivancos
Carnegie Mellon University, Playground 2012

Cast: Claire Chapelli (Fathers & Daughters), Ben Edelman (Lincoln Center’s Admissions), Adam Hagenbuch (Netflix’s Fuller House), Annie Heise (NBC’s The Blacklist), Grey Henson (Broadway’s Mean Girls), Rachel Keller (FX’s Legion), Carl Lundstedt (Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger), Antonio Marziale (Netflix’s Alex Strangelove), Lilli Passero (NBC’s The Voice), Bridget Peterson (Baking Bad), Noah Plomgren (Finding Neverland National Tour), Carter Redwood (Brother’s Keeper), Michael Reep (Mamaboy), Taylor Rose (We Only Know So Much)

Stage Manager: AJ Cook Lights: Josh Smith Sound: Jackson Gallagher Costume & Props: Madeline Mikkelson





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Currently developing a new rock musical inspired by recent events!

Children's Book Project with Illustrator @JavaDoodles!

Children's Book Project with Illustrator @TugRice!

Vivancos offers accessible, contemporary, and distinct language to inspire conversation, innovation, and healing with some of the most integral topics of our age, such as self-care, peace, and consciousness.

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